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Nobody can change the world alone

We are activists, community agents, writers, educators, communicators, artists, social workers, psychologists and psychoanalysts, doctors, and multidisciplinary professionals in the fields of arts, health, human rights, environment, and communication from various parts of Brazil who have united to join forces in favor of a common agenda based on equity and the guarantee of fundamental and social rights, fostering freedom, affection, and scientific knowledge for all.

The proposal of the Instituto Multiverso is to address social inequalities and contribute to the strengthening of social and community protagonism, carrying out and supporting actions that aim to promote human rights, mental health and biopsychosocial care, community and social medicine, integrative and complementary health practices, education, culture, environment and sustainability, social assistance and cultural, political, and economic development, sexual and reproductive rights, among others.


The idea of developing a collective project arose from the feeling of exhaustion and solitude that these activists sometimes shared. To overcome this feeling, they decided to join efforts.

The idea of creating the Instituto Multiverso emerged from a collective feeling of exhaustion and solitude that we, as activists, sometimes shared. To transform this feeling of pain into hope, we decided to join efforts to change what we could no longer tolerate.

In our introductory letter, we declare: “We have been going through difficult times for dreamers. We have faced shadows and fear. However, it was precisely by confronting some of these pains that hope blossomed in us with absolute audacity.

Those who tried to bury us did not know that we were seeds. Seeds that gave life to the Instituto Multiverso” (2021).

Not by chance, the organization’s slogan is: “Nobody can change the world alone, but together we are stronger.” The phrase is a reference to the movie “Justice League” where the debut poster features several superheroes with the phrase: “You can’t save the world alone.”

The multiverse theme, chosen to inspire the institute's name, came from a combination of meanings: the multiple universes that encompass the topics we focus on, the diversity of ideas and ideals that led the group to unite, our multiplicity of skills and professional backgrounds, and even the pop sense of the name. The multiverse of our madness embraces both the idea of the possibility of parallel universes and the theme of real-life heroes who bring about significant social changes and save a lion every day.


The organization’s slogan is: “Nobody can change the world alone.” The play on words makes sense. Some of these activists are true heroes without capes. Some of them anonymous, others with notable recognition. Passionate hearts and brilliant, engaged minds, as special as they are common, just like me. Just like you!

The group aims to provide assistance to more vulnerable populations, mental health support, as well as numerous training actions for organizations and professionals in the health, education, and communication fields.



To equip and strengthen leaders, groups, and vulnerable territories, ensuring the guarantee of rights and the fight against inequities.




To foster emancipation and strengthen popular autonomy in its multiple expressions, from a decolonial point of view, in order to become a positive reference in the fight against injustices.



To act in a plural manner with actions involving community and social participation, focusing on education, human and environmental rights, the right to communication, and the democratization of media, always starting from a place of empathy, respect, and affection.


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