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Nobody changes the world alone

We are activists and professionals from different parts of Brazil who have come together to join forces in favor of a common agenda based on Human Rights, Health and Educommunication. The organization brings together digital influencers, social workers, doctors, journalists, educators, among others, already known for their work in academia, social networks or on the front line, always claiming access to health, freedom and scientific knowledge for all.

The group's proposal is to conceive, promote and carry out projects in the areas of human rights, mental health and psychosocial care, community and social medicine, integrative and complementary health practices, education, culture, environment and sustainability, assistance and social, cultural development. , political and economic, sexual and reproductive rights, among others.

The group is heterogeneous both in training and experience. In addition to professional diversity, the group brings together experienced activists and the new generation. The youth team, for example, will be coordinated by the teenagers in the group.

The idea of developing a collective project came from the feeling of exhaustion and solitude that these activists sometimes shared. To overcome this feeling, they decided to join forces.

In your cover letter, we stated: “These are difficult times for dreamers. We are again faced with shadow and fear. However, it was precisely in the face of some of these pains that hope blossomed in us with absolute boldness. Those who tried to bury us didn't know we were seeds. Seeds that gave life to the Multiverse Institute”.

The multiverse theme, chosen to inspire the institute, came from a sum of meanings: The multiple universes that involve the themes to which the group will focus, the diversity of ideas and ideals that led the group to unite, the multiplicity of skills and the group's professional background and even the geek meaning of the name, which embraces both the idea of the possibility of parallel universes and the theme of superheroes, which the group adopts as a playful archetype of its identity.

Not coincidentally, the organization's slogan is: “You cannot change the world alone, but together we are stronger”. The phrase is a reference to the movie "Justice League" where the debut poster adds several superheroes with the phrase: "You can't save the world alone".

The joke makes sense. Some of these activists are true heroes without a cape. Some of them anonymous, others with notorious recognition. They are passionate hearts and brilliant and engaged minds, which are a reference in Gender, Human Rights, Health, Environment, Youth, Education and care for People Living with HIV. The Institute's flagship will be the creation of a specific clinic to care for vulnerable populations, especially LGBTQIA+.

Other priority actions are the strengthening of the Doutor Maravilha and Super Undetectável pages, which disseminate quality information on Communication and Health with a major focus on key populations for HIV prevention and control.

The group also intends to offer mental health follow-up to vulnerable populations in the face of the covid-19 epidemic and intends to develop numerous training actions for organizations and professionals in the areas of health, education and communication.


Instrument and strengthen vulnerable people, groups and territories, with a view to expanding the guarantee of rights and confronting inequities; to foster emancipation and popular autonomy in its multiple expressions, in order to become a reference in confronting injustices through an axis of actions that involve empathy, human and environmental rights, the right to communication and democratization of the media. 


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